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Affinity 600
by Ergoline

With it's Turbo Power UV lamps and 3 Ultra Performance facial tanners, this high performance Affinity 600 series tanning bed provides incredible results. The wide body contoured acrylics features variable footrests and comfortable armrests that ensures a relaxing tanning experience from beginning to end. The A/C Plus built in air-conditioning system keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your entire session.
With the 2-system body ventilation, the Affinity features seperate adjustability for facial cooling from the body cooling using the A/C Plus air-conditioning system. With the body contoured acrylic, this bed not only gives you a great tan, but it will also give you the most comfortable tanning experience you've ever had!

Ambition 250
by Ergoline

The most reputable VIP bed on the market, produced by the biggest name in the tanning industry, Ergoling has dominated the industry with the best equipment for decades. The Ambition 250 tanning bed shows you why.
15 minute maximum tanning session with this amazing bed which includes features such as 3 High Pressure facial tanners to increase color, decrease dryness and prolong the life of your tan. Remarkable cooling fan at the foot of the bed with adjustable speeds will keep you comfortable.

Suncapsule 250 MAX
by Suncapsule

With 54 high powered 250w lamps, this standup is rated the world's strongest with an average session time of 4-5 minutes, and a maximum of 7 minutes is all you will need to achieve the fastest and darkest tan.
With 2 meter lamps and a platform to step onto, this booth allows the lamps to surpass your head and your feet, giving you that even color from head to toe. No white feet!
Equipped with the best cooling system that the tanning industry has seen, the 250 MAX by Suncapsule will keep you cool and comfortable during your entire session regardless if you are the 1st of 100th customer to use it that day.

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